Trampa street carver


Trampa street carver has been delivered sadly at work so photos will follow asap.
Late tonight or tomorrow. Pretty excited


Awesome! Did you ride it yet?


Haven’t even finished work yet mate.
10/22 shift
And its a barebone board buddy still need to order parts


Oops, my bad :blush:


No sweat bra
On my way home now
Only downside is the people next door might be asleep so cant pick it up until tomorroe morning dammit.
Will post the unboxing when i can tomorrow

Next up is 2x foc esc
And motors
And motor mounts


ok guys i need some help here. bit unsure whats best.

everyone seems to be using 3000mah 15A 30Q correct?

mate of mine builds paks and repairs for eBikes. he said because i am gonna use
2x 6384s 4000watt

i should order the 18650 samsung-25r 2500mah 20A

so what 18650,s should i order?
the 20A are cheaper from (144ish)
the 15A are 184euro for 50piece

any help would be great


It’s up to you. 30q seems to be the norm now as they are also rated to 20 amps continuous by this guy mooch.

Also most build info can be found here if you weren’t aware already.

From what I have read the 25r were the old norm.

I’m using sanyo 20700b cells in a 12s2p and I like them for the range and discharge seems fine too. Time wil tell how they will fair with my focbox setting of 25 batt amps with them.
I ride them with dual carvon torque drives at moment.

My next battery will be with samsung 30q. I already have the cells but still thinking to go either 12s5p or 6p


thanks there mate.
if i could ask your choice what would u go for?
out of those 2.
i am assuming the 15A version?


I was editing my post but yeah I went for 30q and the sanyo 20700b first because I had ordered a sanyo pack from meepo before and was satisfied with them but the battery shorted and a few cells were still good so I thought to replace them and then more cells of the same old pack were shorted all due to water so I then decided to go 12s and ended up ordering 24 of these cells to build a fresh pack.


Was just reading on the esk8builders forum
Yeah u seem to be right the 30q seem to give reliable performance and i trust those who explain things here and there so i Appricate the help sayekim
Big help buddy thanks
30q it is




Looks like a badboy! What wheels have you got there? They look distinctly… err… lively :worried:


These are jist the trampa wheels
The very sticky ones.
I do want to get others in the near future
Cant remember the name but bright green colour ones.
Abec of somthing
These feel great on smooth roads
Really smooth like butter


Abec11. The green ones are the Superfly’s. I went for the Refly’s with the softest 74A duro. They’re black unfortunately. I’m not racist or anything but green definitely looks better :relaxed: Anyway, they stick like glue so you can push them properly hard. The only thing is that once they do lose traction (cos you’re getting way too overconfident), they judder out erratically rather than just start to drift out.


Are they the Stickies 74A? If so, they’ll probably feel the same as my Refly’s. So much for my keen eye :relaxed:


Well first off i need some power on my board so might take a while sadly
But plan is in the working;-)


Hahaha yeah these are sticky


Yep checked 74A
Pretty nice just wish thay was lime green or bright red


Yo, what enclosure are you going for with this badboy? Are you slinging it all under or going for the full-on sandwich box look?