New Oost Esk8'er



First of all, sorry about my lack of Dutch, I am still learning so will stick to english for now, so I won’t say anything wrong haha.
I am Mauricio, and am working and living here in Amsterdam for about 1 year.
Everyday more I see Esk8ers around here but something I left my esk8 back in Brazil because I was already checking the Laws in here and noticed is not really clear.

There is this topic on another community about the EU Laws, and in there was also discussed about riding here in the Netherlands and how one guy had the cops stop and warn him about it.
Sorry if can’t post links to other community, let me know and I delete:

Can anyone enlighten me here? Are we allowed to ride our Esk8? Just in the bike lane? or in the streets? or… what?

Thank you VERY much.


Hi welcome.

No it is officially illegal and if they want to they can confiscate your board. This is the risk we all take.

I have been stopped by the police once on my commute and he told me that it was illegal for the simple fact that I am riding a motorized board that is not insured. He let me go and told me if I like I can take your board and also warned me that if another officer stopped they could do this but he did not and said I will turn around now but be warned.

I still ride it as often as I can and I stay out of city centers and ride on bike lanes whenever I can which around my area is always (Ommoord, Rotterdam).

There is a lot of discussion about how to legalise and if legal then what are the rules, but I tend to stay out of that and simply ride responsibly and follow the same rules that apply to cyclists.

I also always wear at least a helmet for protection.

Be safe, ride respectably, and enjoy.

Join the group rides too. It is a lot of fun, you get to meet other eskaters and their boards, and also get to see some pretty parts of our country.

We have a whatsapp group chat too. Someone on the forum will send you an invite if you like.


Hey, I would love an invite to the whatsapp group!

Also yeah I was wondering about that, I think I will build/buy one around here and try to do that also, just wear a helmet and ride it around the bike lanes on slow speed or something.

Thanks for the welcome and info! :slight_smile:


Definitely build one if you are up to it. I started off with a Meepo.

I’ll send you the invite in a pm.

My board can go 55 apparently. I would not consider that slow.

Here is my ride from the Belgium group ride event last Sunday.


Basically we are screwed; there are multiple topics about this (e.g. Ervaringen met wetshandhavers) here as well. Most of us get off with a warning or are lucky enough not to be pulled over.

I have heard some chatter about esk8 being legalized in the EU laws beginning 2019… However have not been able to find any real facts about this yet (haven’t done more than a good 2 minutes of google on the subject though).

@mydutch had jij daar niet meer info over?

p.s. Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:


I’ve passed the police numerous times around Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Kept my speed down on approach. Dialed back the wild carving. Put my cigarette out. Pulled my pants back up. Haven’t had a problem with them yet.



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