Meeting! Group ride! Breda


Hello people, I recently move to Breda, and I bring my DIY skateboard, and I trying to see if I can make a group ride, for know new people and see the others DIY skateboards, or another DIY vehicle.

See you :wink:


Hey welcome.

A lot of us like group rides and I’m sure we’ll meet up one day around your area. However so far most group rides are around the randstad area which is more around Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht.
There are also group rides in Belgium around Brussels often and also closer by like De Schorre but our Belgium members know this better.

Group rides are easiest to find in the chat group here:

I’d suggest you mute this because there is a lot of silly fun chatter next to group ride announcements and eskate news.
Mostly Dutch speakers but there are English native speakers too.

I ride a diy too. A 12s6p Jetboard with 6374 motors on escapes. If you hang on the builders forum you’d find me too and others from the WhatsApp group.