Fresh meat ,,,,


hi guys, forgive my lack of dutch i do speak dutch but writing i lack,
i have just ordered a trampa street carver.
gonna order some alien 6374s 170kv motors soon 2x.
will order a enclosure from kayl asap and build a 12s4p 18650.
now i am looking to order 2x focbox but where can i order these without getting raped with customs charges?
any help would be great guys


Looking forward to your finished build and joining the group rides. Do you ride regular stance?
Would love to try your board.

You can get focboxes from @eboardsolutions but he only has one in stock. He told me today.
I met up with him and other Belgium riders in Knokke-heist Belgium for a group ride.

He did say another 8 have been ordered so if enertion is on time for this for once they should be in stock within two weeks I’d say.


Welcome Aaron!

Sounds like a sweet build you are preparing! Keep us updated on the build :slight_smile:

Don’t know of any other european webshops that have the focbox on stock currently. You could try the VESC from, quite comparable in performance:!/The-new-designed-esk8-1-2-controller-based-on-V-4-12-with-direct-fet´s-Single-Dual/p/56097898/category=15255004


Yeah sure zeno no probs mate.
Not a cheap build but as far as i can tell dont wanna buy a shitty rtr board. I like the boosted boards but the trampa hits the spot for me in design and looks.
Freeken sweet looking.
Soon i will move to south. Valkenburg next to leiden. Pretty sick of haarlem. I just stopped freestyle fpv flying and am hooked on building a good eboard.
Should have the deck this week. Will slowly order bits as i go.
Anybody have the alien 6374s 170kv motors? If so any good?


Just bought 2 focboxes from . Street wings from uk and electric boardsolutions from Be also sell them.plenty of choice :wink:
Success with your built !


2 for sale here:


I have the 6384 170kv motor from APS. It’s a pretty powerful motor and it seems very good quality.


Those are the 4000w version correct?




What trucks are you using if you want dual 6384? Seems like you would run out of room to place the motors, unless you go dual diagonal…


I will be using the vertigo trucks gunnar


Of course, trampa… :see_no_evil: