brownStick, checking in!


Goeie dag, beste mensen!

Ik heet Chris. Ik woon in Amstelveen en zoals de meeste Amstelveeners, ben ik allochtoon en een beetje slecht met spreken en schrijven in het Nederlands. Excuses daarvoor. Ik hoop dat jullie het niet erg vinden als ik in het Engels doorgaan!

So it all began this last wintersports season. The snow was amazing, I was in good shape, I sorted my aging board out and had some of the best snowboarding of my life… and that’s quite a bit. I’m 41 now. So on the strength of that I decided to get myself a longboard so that I could continue the carving experience throughout the year.

It wasn’t long before I realised that the most fun you can have on a longboard is downhilling… and there’s precious little opportunity for that in NL, so I did my research and got myself an Evolve Bamboo GT a month or so ago from Sick Skates in DH. Now everything’s downhill! A few weeks later I bought a set of Abec 11 97mm Reflys so that I could lean into some properly deep carves. I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve had a few really nasty spills already (new thread on this shortly) but I wear the injuries with pride and always look forward to getting back out again.

I’ve been getting a lot of good tips on these forums over the past few weeks. Thought it was time to get more involved.


Welkom bij onze community, gekleurde stok! :wink:

Glad you’ve discovered the awesome world of esk8’s! If you love snowboarding I’d suggest you have a look at the Leiftech eSnowboard (don’t look too long though… that would be painfull since it’ll cost you way to many euro’s!).


Hartstikke bedankt, @zeno! Leuk om jullie te kennen.

The Leiftech was actually the first board I looked into. I didn’t get as far as looking at the price (and it sounds like I wouldn’t have been as enthusiastic about that part), but wrote it off as being a bit too specialised. Not very handy on the narrow paths? Curious to take it for a test drive one day though! :wink:


It is specialized in that sense. I only take mine out to places with big wide roads and little traffic… Bike lanes are not where it shines