Beautiful country of tulips, new resident question


Hello. I am new in the Netherlands. I read a little about your rules for electric skateboards. I wanted to ask how it looks in practice? I’ve already ridden around the city in a koowheel. for about six months. The police passed me without reaction many times. But it’s a small board. I am planning to bring my off-road beast here from my country. A large mountain board, vesc6.6, AT 8 "wheels. What can really happen to me when the police see me on it? They strongly pay attention. adds a photo of the board


Hi Dylo,

There is a (dutch) topic about this: Ervaringen met wetshandhavers

Seems like lately the risk of getting a big fine or having to
hand the board over to the police, is getting bigger and bigger.

Can imagine especially a big AT board like that will be spotted by the cops a lots quicker than a small stealthy koowheel…