Anybody tryed the Mellow drive?


Has anybody tryed the mellow drive? Top speed 40kmh, 15km range, can be put on any board. Im not to sure about the controller though. I like the drive wheels on this one they seem to be like regular skateboard wheels and not rubber. They also have more meat on the wheel than most other hubmotors I’ve seen.


For the same price you can buy this:

Wan’t to choose your own deck?

The range, speed and torque are all much better. You will lose points in the weight department. Also the battery isn’t changeable, but who needs that with 60 or 70 km’s of range :smiley:

Also the hubs vs belts discussion is a thing.

If you have 7 months to spare (the boards being delivered right now are orders from 7 months ago) you can find a good and really powerfull hub drive in the Raptor 2.


@mydutch has had a nice big ride on the mellow throughout europe I believe. Maybe he can share his experience :slight_smile:


Mellow is also releasing an S version. It has less features but is cheaper. It has DLC which sounds weird to me, having all the parts but you have to buy software to unlock the full potential


Jup, did a solid 459 kilometers with the mellow. Love the board love the endless mode.

If you want to try one I have multiple in our warehouse?